‘ Going Together with Trust & Humanity. ’

Korexq int'l is a South Korean Global Business Developing Company. Established in 2017, we has become one of quickly arisen global business venture in Korea and staged us on the world. Under our motto 'win-win strategy based on mutual trust', mainly we have been focusing on Electronics, Medical supplies, Mobile, Automotive, Industrial machinery and general commodities under dynamic corporation culture where intelligent, skilled business professionals are able to actualize what they dream of. With the future trust based business ties, we promises our partners 'Mutual Future Success With Long-term Business Vision'. Furthermore, actively supporting our young professionals who come from various industries, Korexq int'l is trying to grow and widen our business territory over the world. We are fully geared up, ready to go with our business partners together. Thank you.

Office : Family Tower 821, Bongyeong-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Rep. of Korea. Tel (Fax) : +82 (0)31 206 3409 / Mobile : +82 (0)10 6588 7173 / E-mail : sales@korexq.comCopyright (c) 2017 Korexq int'l. All Right Reserved. / Korexq int'l uses google business platform G Suite business.